Sunday, November 28, 2004

Squash Trials

I'm really optimistic about all these squash recipes. Maybe I'll actually find I can eat squash without claiming a few years off Purgatory.

I did buy a spaghetti squash a couple of weeks ago. First of all, the success: we both liked the taste -- not squashy at all -- and it worked fine smothered in spaghetti sauce.

But, the failure: My cookbook said to halve it, seed it, and cook it on a baking sheet for half an hour to forty minutes. We did. And then cooked it another half hour. And it still came out underdone. So I don't know if it's just that I don't know how to cook squash, or if my cookbook is a low-down liar. Guess I'll be working on that little kink.

-- SJ


Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

Like you, I've always hated squash. There's something about motherhood that seemed to require me to give it another try and begin to inflict its torture on my child. Hmm.... Did you cook it at 350? Perhaps it was a really big squash? Was it upside down? (Skin-side up?)Put half a cup of water in a baking dish with it and see if that helps.
--the MEAN "You Must Eat Your Squash" Mom

Queen of Carrots said...

I was concerned about that exact problem the last time I made spaghetti squash, so instead of baking it, I peeled and sliced it and cooked it a few hours in the crockpot with a little water. Then I dumped the spaghetti sauce ingredients on top and added extra noodles because I wound up with too much sauce. DOB didn't even realize there was squash in the spaghetti!

I always find squash of any sort takes longer than they say. No doubt it's a conspiracy of some sort.