Thursday, November 11, 2004

Squish the Squash?

I debated whether or not to call this post "I [Almost] Kissed Squash Goodbye" but then decided against it . . . for whatever unknown reason.

There has been discussion recently on the merits of squash. Until just a year ago, I would have been inclined to agree with Sara (i.e., “I don’t care what the nutritional value of squash is, the plain truth of the matter is that it’s squishy and gross and, for that reason alone, does not belong anywhere near my taste buds. I will die young if I must.”)

The reason I’ve changed my mind about squash is that there are so many ways to make it taste really good. First of all, don’t over cook it. Anything that’s squishy is gross, in my opinion, no matter how it’s flavored. Secondly, be bold and brave with putting fun flavors on your squash. Usually I’ll sauté squash but in the summertime we like to wrap it in foil and grill it. It goes great with chicken or steak on the grill. Some of the seasonings I like to try are as follows:

1) Sauté in butter and add minced garlic (plain and simple) with a dash of salt;
2) Sauté and sprinkle lemon pepper spice on it;
3) Sauté in butter and sprinkle it generously with parmesan cheese. (This is probably my personal favorite.)
4) Sauté in olive oil and squeeze fresh lemon juice on it.
5) Grill in foil with sweet/vidalia onions, butter, salt and pepper. Yum!

Whatever you do with squash – be bold and brave. Try new things. You may be surprised to discover that not only is it [gasp] edible, it can actually be really tasty.



Queen of Carrots said...

This is truly inspiring. DOB commented a few weeks ago, when I tried cooking squash as it had always been served when I was growing up, that this was the one food I wasn't able to make remarkably better than he'd ever had it before. So squash was off our menus for awhile. Now I think I'll try again.

What varieties of squash do you prefer?

the Joneses said...

Okay, Marthas, wish me luck. I bought a squash today, and plan to cook it sometime this weekend. Further bulletins as events warrant... -- SJ