Monday, November 01, 2004

More With Avacados

Avacados being high in both fat and price, this recipe isn't exactly *useful.* But it makes a great dessert, rather different from the usual sort.

Our friend Peter gave us this recipe after he served the dessert at our All Saints' Day Party. He got it from, although his directions are written in, um, slightly different form. Enjoy!

Crème de Abacate (Mushy Green Stuff)


2 medium Avocados
2 tablespoons lime juice
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
1/4 cup ice water

Peel and slice the avocado, discarding the whopping huge pit, or saving it because they look really cool and would be useful for... um, something. Someday. Maybe.

With the blender on "liquefy", throw the avocados, lime juice, and sugar in from 10 feet away... or, place all three ingredients into the blender, firmly place the top on, and then press "liquefy"... the choice is yours.

Puree until completely smooth, adding water if the puree is stiff (I tried several different batches, and found that adding the water with the other ingredients produced the best results for pouring. Otherwise, you will have a stiffer product, though the avocado whip makes for a decent greasing agent if WD-40 is unavailable).

If the product is lumpy, or resembles some gosh-awful concoction from the Star Wars Cantina, force through a wire strainer with electric cattle prods. It might still look like something from the cantina, but it'll be smoother, darnit!

Cocoa, orange slices, and coconut were added as garnishes and aren't part of the recipe. Add whichever garnishes you would most enjoy, I would recommend green olive and pimentos on a toothpick with some salsa... but then my taste-buds are slightly odd.


the Joneses said...

The coconut is a very good garnish, and so was the slice of orange.

I think a cherry would work well too. --DJ

Queen of Carrots said...

What? You've never done the grow-the-avocado-pit activity? (Actually, DOB never has either, but he had an avocado-free childhood. I am planning to do it as soon as D1 is old enough to notice.)

What you do is poke three toothpicks around the middle of the pit so that it will balance at the top of a glass. Then you fill the glass with water so that half the avocado pit is in the water and half out. (IIRC, you want the pointy end out). Put it in your kitchen window, if you have one. Keep the water up high, and eventually a little avocado plant will start growing out of the pit. When you it gets out of hand, you throw it away, because who knows how to grow avocados? But it is fun to watch it grow.

the Joneses said...

Yes, I've heard of that experiment -- using POTATOES. How West Coast to use an avacado instead. -- SJ

the Joneses said...
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