Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Creative Salads

I learned from a friend that a salad is like a stew with uncooked foods--whatever you have goes in it. So my salads are generally different. But one of my favorite combinations is:

Mixed greens (one kind of lettuce is so-o-o-o boring)
Berries (strawberries in the summer, then raspberries, and now blueberries)
Nuts (almonds or walnuts work best) or seeds (sesame is my favorite but sunflower works)
Feta or soft goat cheese if you have it, but not necessary
A fruity viniagrette dressy--my favorite is bottled Raspberry Walnut viniagrette, but you can make your own with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Kevin & Amy said...

Sounds yummy. I know a guy who puts sliced apples in his salads (Peter Fear, actually). When we were at his house once, I was really skeptical but, actually, ended up really liking it. :) I also like to put dried cranberries in my salad. -Amy

Queen of Carrots said...

Our favorite is greens with oranges and walnuts, with a little orange and lemon juice and olive oil over the top.

The berries sound delicious. Wish they weren't so expensive out here.

the Joneses said...

The salads sound interesting, but I tend to not like sweet things in my salads. I like lots of cheese, including cottage cheese, and also lots of crunchy toppings like croutons and bacon bits.

Which means, of course, that my salads are about as unhealthy as can be! :)