Monday, November 08, 2004

Coming Soon: Quick Yeast Rolls

My sister, Rosemary, found a great recipe for yeast rolls that take only twenty minutes from start to finish -- no rising time. So I'm going to post it for the benefit of those on this blog, when I have time to find the scrap of paper it's written on and remember to bring it to the computer.

Meanwhile, as to squash/pumpkin stories: Amy, can't you share valuable wisdom with us about making pumpkin muffins from scratch? :)

-- SJ


Kevin & Amy said...

Hey! I know it . . . I've been a slacker. I'll try to be better. Now that the in-laws are gone I don't have any excuses. I need to add a link to this site from my blog too. Look for more active participation soon! :) In the meantime, keep up the comments.

And let me know about the yeast rolls recipe. I was just thinking the other day that I need something like that in my life.

Kevin & Amy said...

Sara - If you get this post ('cuz I don't know who gets the comments e-mailed to them - presumably you), I would be very interested in learning about your Chicken and Dumplings Recipe. The ones I've tried haven't turned out so hot - I mean, they've been okay but nothing I'm really anxious to try again. Since you mentioned in your other blog that this is one of Darren's favorites, I presume you have a killer recipe. :-) Thanks! -Amy

the Joneses said...

Actually, my chicken and dumplings recipe isn't killer at all -- it's extremely plain. I think it's just that Darren likes the dish so much that it's a success. The best batch I've ever made was that one I mentioned on my blog, where all the dumplings disintegrated; the resulting stock was very smooth and rich, thanks to the extra butter, flour, and dash of curry powder. :)

But I'll post my recipe, if you like. The great thing about its being so plain is that you can add anything to it. -- SJ

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