Friday, January 28, 2005

What do you do with black beans? How about a Mexican soup...

Last night I had the most delicious soup in a bread bowl, I'm dying to make it at home. It was vegetarian, but even meat eaters would love this one.

Vegetarian Black Bean Soup
Ingredients included: Water, black beans, onion, celery, red bell pepper, vegetarian vegetable base (baked carrots, lima beans, natural flavorings, tomato paste, cooked potatoes, corn oil, celery, onions), modified food starch, spices, salt, lemon juice, garlic.

Does anyone know of a recipe for this? The closest I can find is on and is called: Black Gold Bean Soup.

It was like having taco soup, I love Mexican foods. :) The bread bowl added a very nice touch - have any of you ever done a bread bowl? They are also great with chili.


Anonymous said...

Isn't anyone going to help out here? Now I'm curious, and I want to make this soup, too.


Queen of Carrots said...

Is the vegetable base like a vegetarian meat substitute? (If it is, then carnivores could substitute hamburger, I expect. If I'm going to eat processed vegetables, I prefer it to be done by cows.)

My sister and I made bread bowls once for a party about five years ago. (Single Female Awareness Day, so it would have been this time of year.) It was a *lot* of work, and the bowls wound up being huge--it was really hard to gauge what size of bread would hold enough soup while not having way more bread than anyone would want to eat. But it was an interesting adventure.

SM said...

QOC - you can use a beef base if you prefer, or you could cook up some raw veggies in water to get your vegetable base. I remember in my ATI days that Sue Gregg had a great recipe for making a veggie base with your carrot peals, etc. Just a thought.

SM said...

Was totally confused today. Went back to Panera with a group of friends for lunch. I couldn't remember if it was the black bean soup or the Santa Fe Corn soup that I ordered the last time. I asked the cashier if the black bean had cilantro in it. He insisted it didn't. I picked Vegetarian Santa Fe Roasted Corn Soup this time, which was delicious... but not what I had ordered the last time. I was right --- it was the black bean soup. Guy didn't know what he was talking about... Oh well.