Sunday, January 23, 2005

Thanks for Lunch

This weekend we made tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch. (I forgot to buy cocoa, so couldn't make the brownie pudding.)

I've detested canned tomato soup ever since my daycare days, but Rachelle gave me the courage to try it again. I am pleased to say that it turned out marvelously good. I sauted onions and celery, and seasoned the soup with garlic, corriader, and something else I forget now. As my brother would say, it was plumb edible.

Darren did the grilled cheese, and we added cream cheese, as the Queen suggested. It was very rich, but so good that Darren says he might leave off the cheddar next time. :)

So thanks for the ideas. I wouldn't ever have tried tomato soup otherwise. -- SJ


Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

I'm glad to have encouraged your adventures! Glad you liked it.

:) R

Kevin & Amy said...

Hey - I also tried tomato soup recently, thanks to Rachelle. We enjoyed it but I was kinda disgruntled to see that Campbell's tomato soup has hydrogenated corn syrup as the second (or third?) ingredient on the can. It's not that I'm a health nut - but I DID expect it to be less sugary and more healthful. Rachelle, do you know of any other good soups that are more healthful but still taste good? Or anyone?


Queen of Carrots said...

I just water down tomato sauce to the right consistency. Add the right spices, and it tastes just as good--and most tomato sauces just contain tomato, salt and spices.