Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Topic Suggestions

This blog is a cooking cybercircle. The point is to benefit from everyone else's successes, failures, and surprising rescues. Householdy anecdotes will inevitably leak in as well, but that's okay because we're all into householdy things on this blog.

Topics for posts could include:

* Saved From Disaster meals
* Surprising Success meals
* Quick Suppers
* Lunches-to-pack ideas
* Do Not Do This meals
* How To Sneak In Vegetables/Edible Vegetarian meals
* Clever ways to re-use leftovers

Additionally, suggested by Rose:
* I Have This, This, and This. What Can I Do With It?
* I Have Lots of This (there being a good sale on). How Do I Disguise It For Repeated Servings?

Lastly, everybody has to learn Blog Cheer:

We're so smart!
We're so fun!
We're so Proverbs 31!

-- SJ

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Anonymous said...

Hear, hear! Let the cooking gems begin.