Saturday, May 06, 2006

Freezable Recipes

In anticipation of The Bigness of Pregnancy In Summer, not to mention a third child, I'm realizing I'd do well to have meals already on hand. I don't know many freezer-recipes, though. You can eat only so much lasagna, after all.

I'd love some meal recipes, or even just freezable components ("Pasta freezes. Rice doesn't. Jello is a total loss.")

As a completely irrelevent side note, I tried Sarah's Irish Stew recipe. It was marvelous.

-- SJ


Nathan & Alison said...


You might give this cook book a try: Frozen Assets Lite and Easy by Deborah Taylor-Hough. (sorry, I don’t know how to properly do links in comments)

I borrowed it from the library and really liked her “mini session” concept of cooking and freezing 5-6 meals with the same main ingredient, instead of 30 different meals all at once. Cooking up a month of frozen meals all at once just seems too hard to me. :-P

Check out the table of contents for her mini session menus. She even has vegetarian ones. (eggplant, tofu, beans, pasta)

Another idea----try a once a month cooking place like the one right next to my work (link below) if you have one in your area. If I remember correctly, Amy did this before Meredith was born and really liked it. I’m not sure if it is very budget friendly, but it might be fun to splurge and try it once.

Hope this helps!

Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

S-I posted this one over a year ago. The recipe is set up to give you one for dinner and one to freeze for later:

Queen of Carrots said...

I found that just having meats precooked was a huge help. Plain baked or boiled chicken taken off the bone; hamburger fried up with onions and garlic. Either of those will make half a dozen different things without any effort and you don't have the mess of meat juices to deal with, which is the worst part of cooking.

Carrie said...

Easy meal for me:

Frozen pizzas. Like Karen suggested -- meats precooked help tons. Plenty of grocery stores are carrying whole wheat (if you care) pizza dough now in their freezer sections. Just set the dough out in the morning/afternoon to thaw, spread, add your toppings of choice and it takes less than 20 minutes. I should think kids would be highly in favor of this as well. It's not exactly a frozen meal, but its quick and relatively painless (in my opinion anyway).

We're also fans of the veggie burger. Those are easy to whip out of the freezer, heat up, slap on a bun and call it good. But that might not be your thing....